Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Triply?

Triply is a membership-based travel club where members can vacation frequently, easily, and comfortably. That’s why Triply blends the joy of taking trips with the power of “more.” Because we all want more, right? Because one trip simply isn’t enough!

How do I use my Wyndham Destinations Resorts Stays?

To redeem your Wyndham Destinations Resorts Nightly Stays, please call 1-844-585-4861 and press option 1 where a Triply representative will be able to assist.  Resort Nightly Stays can be booked 9 months in advance prior to check-in date and require a two-night minimum stay.

What can I use my Triply travel credit on?

Travel credit can be used on My Triply Club for hotel reservations, car rentals, activities and exchanged for cruise gift cards. The Triply travel credit cannot be used on air, tickets, shopping or vacation homes.

Where can I find my Triply travel credit balance?

Once you login to, your travel credit balance will appear in the top right hand corner.

I am having issues logging into the website, who can I contact?

Please call us at 1-844-585-4861 and select option 2 where a Triply representative will be able to assist.

Where do I go to view my payments?

Please go to Equiant: Consumer Central or call us at 1-844-585-4861 and select option 3 to review payment and financial related information.

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